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MAGiC best known as Puff the Magic* or Puff Hickson" (an Original member of the HipHop group OFI. - Puff, Ces & Tiz) is an Entertainer who began her journey as a Dancer then a Rapper/MC. She then added to her gifts becoming a talented Recording Engineer and Visual Artist.  

MAGiC's musical affluences, taste, interest and knowledge spans across a world of genres. 

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Currently in Hollywood, CA, rebooting, rebranding and developing new projects coming to the public very soon.


It is my intention to Motivate, Inspire and Energize audiences with my vocal perfection whenever I deliver a verse. And to be a Transformative influence throughout my life of Music and Creativity.

VoA: HARLEM to HOLLYWOOD [Original Reel]

BR3 Films / Monica Sharf

New York based award winning documentary filmmaker, Monica Sharf has a special gift for creating strikingly vivid character driven portraits of real people. Virtue of Authority: Harlem to Hollywood, her first documentary film as director/producer, follows the riveting, often brutal story of the struggles story of MAGiC, an African American female hip-hop artist from Spanish Harlem.

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