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    A Universal Entertainer

    Rapper, Emcee, Poet, Published Author and Dancer — MAGiC is always adding value to every space she enters into. A passionate creative, MAGiC has commanded the attention and respect from both audiences and fellow artist alike. 

    • rapper / emcee
    • entertainer / artist
    • poet / author

    Experience a Journey through...

    MAGiC aka Puff Hickson:

    Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NY. MAGiC is an artist with lyrics that are used like a weapon to teach and flame M.C.'s with her feverish delivery and poetic lyrics annihilate any competitor and devastate any one who wishes to possess the mic after her MAGiC has blessed it…

    The MOVIE

    VIRTUE OF AUTHORITY: from HARLEM to HOLLYWOOD; the Story and Music of MAGiC

    A powerful and intimate portrait of MAGiC, a feature documentary, follows the story of Puff Hickson aka MAGiC, an African American female hip-hop artist from Spanish Harlem. The film is an uncensored, candid and intimate portrait of a strong, vibrant, talented single mother, a rapper and poet working to make it as a rap artist in the music business.

    - a film by Monica Sharf.

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